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Identifying long term investment ideas based on in-depth research.

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Long term wealth creation ideas
We help you make informed investment decisions in equities.

Why DalalStreetBulls ?

SEBI Registered

All research reports are audited and reported to SEBI

Qualified Team

CAs, CFPs, NISM certified Research Analysts

Award Winning

Winner of Hunt for India's Smart Investor (Zee Business)

Solid Research

Unbiased research to generate the most profitable investment ideas

Risk Management

Capital protection is at the core of our investing ideology

Portfolio Allocation

We tell you how much to invest in which stock

The DSB Advantage

More than just stock recommendations

DalalStreetBulls exists to create wealth for its clients. In a market where investment decisions are made based on rumours and hot tips, we strive to generate long term investment ideas backed by research. Our research covers both quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of a company and it's financials. Our investment frameworks aim at identifying companies which can give stellar returns for the next 3 to 5 years or even longer! We have a very low churn on our portfolio and strongly believe that quality Indian companies can create massive wealth over the long term.

As a part of our holistic portfolio approach, we advice our investors on direct mutual funds, asset allocation and all this free of brokerage, commissions and other factors that could make us biased.

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Investment Philosophy

We shortlist companies that have low debt levels, generate free cash flow from business and give high return on capital

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